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Olympic Medal Metal

The 2012 Olympics working in london commenced having a proud, and different opening ceremony routine a week ago. Reviews from the cornucopia of motley dancers and national United kingdom heroes were gracious, sprinkled with honest descriptors like “Britishly amazing.”

The obligatory promenade has ended, worldwide audiences gather in their TVs within the vast sums to look at the earth’s best athletes give their all. The competitors arrived at collect the best prize in sports – the Olympic gold medal. Or silver. Or bronze. But preferably gold.

The current Olympic medal is really a 116-year-old tradition, though that tradition has varied broadly because the first 1896 Athens Olympics. Initially, 3 winners were awarded prizes – silver for first, and bronze for second. Gold grew to become the conventional for to begin with within the 1904 summer time Olympic games in St. Louis, as the other medals moved lower to another two best competitors in case.

The 1912 Summer time Olympic games in Stockholm were the final games in which the medal awarded is made of solid gold (this only happened a number of occasions). Today, this type of bounty would cost $40 million. The Worldwide Olympic Committee later designated the measurements from the Olympic medals that people still see today: circular fit, having a minimum 60 mm diameter and a minimum of 3 mm thick. Each medal is needed to possess a standard composition according to its metals. To begin with contains 92.5% silver, 1.34% gold, and also the remainder in copper second place provides the same proportion of silver with copper and third place contains mostly copper coupled with tin and zinc.

London 2012’s Olympic medals would be the greatest and heaviest available. Their diameter is 85 mm as well as their thickness is 8-10 mm. The silver and gold weigh nearly one pound. The cost of every gold medal is believed at roughly $708, based on the World Gold Council. That’s in straightforward dollars – their value is invaluable. Greater than 10,000 athletes are vying just for 302 of these within this year’s occasions.

Front and reverse designs enhance the look of the medal, but they haven’t yet been completely for each year. A contest among artists to create the Summer time medal in 1923 visited Italian sculptor Giuseppe Cassioli. His Trionfo design, which portrays the Greek goddess of victory Nike while watching Coliseum holding a winner’s crown and palm, was utilized for that Summer time games from 1928 in Amsterdam before the 1972 Munich games, and it is still a motivation for subsequent depictions. This season, the medals specified for by British artist David Watkins and have a combination of modern and Hellenic elements.

The pride of winning a medal are only able to be understood by an Olympic athlete. For individuals people located on the couch, it’s watching our prime standard of performance for action that’s rewarding. Allow the games begin!

The Olympic Museum unveiled a new donor’s stone in honour of Gordon Tang and his family. The businessman and President of Singapore Windsurfing Association have been popular for donating to the Olympic Museum. He has been a popular figure in the sports arena.

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