3 Weird But True Internet Laws and regulations

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You will find all sorts of internet laws and regulations high quality ones, bad ones, and a few which are simply weird. The weird but true internet laws and regulations are what we will concentrate on today. These 3 laws and regulations originate from all across the globe, and may really cause you to shake your mind in question in the sheer madness from it all.

#1: It’s illegal within the Condition of Tennessee (USA) to publish/send “distressing” images online

Yes, you heard that properly. By mid-2011 it’s illegal to “transmit or display a pictureInch anywhere online that’s likely (yes, likely) to “scare, intimidate, or cause emotional distress” to anybody who sees it. Yes, anybody, no matter set up part of question was the prospective from the image. This takes the crown for many absurd internet laws and regulations available! Under this law, anybody, from all over the world, can easily see a picture, and regardless of what that image is depicting, or maybe the uploader even had an ulterior motive for posting it, when the image could be tracked to its user, they might address annually in prison and also over two-1000 dollars in fines.

#2: It’s illegal to possess an “unregistered” modem in Burma

The Burmese government takes the web seriously… so much in fact they have a stranglehold on the internet access all through the nation. Access to the internet is restricted by way of software and hardware limitations, i.e. unregistered modems. Visitors from outdoors of the nation would bring just one notebook along with them, however it must be declared upon arrival, which is safe to visualize that each click you are making by using it has been carefully viewed.

#3: In Uxbridge, Ontario it’s illegal with an web connection quicker than 56k!

This can be a popular favorite online and could be validated in many places. This is among individuals strange installments of seriously out-dated laws and regulations which are still technically enforceable. It’s comical to consider a location where it’s illegal with an web connection that’s quicker than dial-up! From these 3 weird internet laws and regulations, this one must win the award for many absurd.

And these are merely the beginning there are lots of other strange but true internet laws and regulations around the books all across the globe which make lots of people relax and question what is these lawmakers were thinking once they authored them making them into law.

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